Shortly  integrate new musicians as Carlos
Alvarez, Lalo Silva
but now with a new name was
"Pop Caribe" acquired by the first record label
recorded the first album.
In the mid-90's new members of the group
successfully presented in several nightclubs
Angel Roque el angel de la salsa Recording a
new album called "Tesorito" Pictured Ramon
Aponte, Eleizer Cotto, Jaime Noriega,
Ruben,Orlando Masso, Carlos Roque
Albert Perera,Marta Roque and
Angel Roque
New logo  of     
"Angel Roque"
"Sabado Sensacional"
"Saturday Sensational
from Venezula on
promotional tour with
the album "Tesorito"   
original song
Carlos and Angel Roque
"Alguien asi como tu"
"Someone like you so"
Sabado SensacionaL
from Venezula.
Gilberto Correa.
First group called "Angels" to
beginning of the decade of the '90s
Composed by Manuel Diaz, Lazaro
Odery,Marta Ivelisse y Angel Roque
Years 1990 to 1997