Start the new stage of Angel
Roque and his piano, returns to its origin
career by sharing
Ramon Paz productions giving way to
new instrumental series
piano and orchestra

Angel Roque, Salome and
Ramon Paz Project Executive
"Como loca" "As crazy"
Photo taken in the studio
of Orfeon in Mexico
recording Salome.
arranged and conducted by
Angel Roque.
Convension "Tu Musica" in Puerto Rico where
also occurs
Angel Roque and his orchestra.
Angel Roque and presenter
television "Don Francisco"
Photo studio in Miami Florida
"Criteria"in the mix of the project
"Emociones" "Emotions"
Radio Interviews
Second production with the same
record label "Emociones"  "Emotions" a
Christmas project
These projects began to take instrumental most of the time  Angel Roque drove away almost
completely from the salsa band for several years only was devoted to producing his own projects

  and other artists.
One of the radio interviews in the
promotional tour